Outdoor Fitness Equipment Designed for Health

Market leader of outdoor fitness equipment, TREKFIT creates state-of-the-art solutions for active municipalities which value the well-being of their residents through healthy lifestyles, collective appropriation, harmonious integration, and universal accessibility. Our fitness solutions are brought to life by a qualified, interdisciplinary team composed of kinesiologists, designers, architects, and engineers. Wait no more and choose TREKFIT to offer your residents the very best urban fitness equipment. 


Trekfit offers circuit equipment that blends in harmoniously with urban and natural settings and allows the user to get the most out of their workout. Each circuit has three phases: warm up, workout and stretching, along with an instruction panel at each station.


Trekfit’s urban boulders are beautiful free-standing sculptures that are visually impressive and fun. Inspired by indoor climbing boulders, with both vertical and overhanging inclinations, the difficulty level is variable, making it easy to get started while keeping it challenging.


Trekfit offers a complete line of Obstacle Challenges including Bamboo Jungles, Trampolines, Slacklines and Cargo Nets. Combining the best of urban art with physical challenges is what makes Trekfit a leader. Ideal for all ages and fitness levels.


The simplicity of a park bench belies the amazing variety of exercises it offers. The seat of the bench allows for numerous exercizes to challenge the upper and lower body while the backrest can be used for strengthening balance and flexibility. Affordable and easy to use.

Playworld Playgrounds


 ENERGI fitness systems combine functional fitness and body-weight training to deliver a synergistic workout that connects the body’s major anatomical systems and exercises our most important muscles. 


Stretching is a great way to get some blood pumping, work major muscle groups and ease away stress. Our collection of outdoor stretching equipment is designed for anywhere use by anyone.


LifeTrail takes an integrated approach that keeps user’s feet in contact with the ground as they bear their own weight, making muscles work together just as they do in real life.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment
for Adults & Children

Adults and older children might have left the playgrounds of years past behind, but with today’s
emphasis on staying physically fit, they are likely interested in fun outdoor exercise equipment.