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The world needs play...and we're here to give it.

Playworld is not just in the business of making playground equipment. They’re in the kid-empowering, confidence-building, health-promoting, community-strengthening business — the business of saving play.  The design team is always designing new and innovative play systems that spark imagination and create endless new possibilities for play.

Take a look at some of the industry’s most innovative products. 

Preschool Playground Equipment: For Ages 5 and Under

Early childhood and preschool playgrounds help develop the physical, emotional, and social skills that children need to succeed in school and in life.

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Elementary School Play Equipment Ages 5 to 12

Older kids have different play needs—that’s why we offer school-age playgrounds specifically designed to entertain, challenge, burn calories, boost brain power, and build relationships.

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Outdoor Fitness Equipment Designed for Health

More than ever before, adults are realizing that the key to a longer, healthier lifestyle begins with fitness. Playworld is proud to be a premier designer and manufacturer of outdoor fitness.


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Electronic Outdoor Play Equipment

Outdoor electronic play equipment is built to combine the interactivity of video games with the explosive movement of aerobic exercise. Its electric power comes from an external power source.

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site furnishings and benches

Sit & Relax

At Play Envy, we know that a trip to the playground is much more enjoyable when there is a place to sit and relax. We are pleased to provide a variety of comfortable benches.

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If you need to raise funds to make your playground dream a reality, we can help! Our team of experts developed a series of industry-leading, step-by-step guides. 

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Artificial Turf

Get rid of outdated & cumbersome sand surfaces that fill playgrounds much like litter boxes. We have safer alternatives to sand or wood pellets. Our multi-purpose synthetic grass and rubber mulch solutions provide genuinely durable yet aesthetic results.

Pour In Place Rubber

This product is extremely porous and does not allow water to pool. Shock-attenuated. Rubber surfacing significantly reduces maintenance time and costs.

Play Envy – Playworld

Video Gallery

New Components

Playworld’s new distinctive components bring a unique esthetic and unmatched play value to Playworld’s Challengers & Playmakers products lines.

Branch Out

Branch Out offers the appealing scale & features of nature play in an efficient, open layout that creates endless new possibilities for post & platform playgrounds.


The modularity of PlayCubes offers countless options for configuration and color – ideal for any site layout, & budget.


A child’s imagination is limitless – their playground should be too. InfiNET is a hybrid “netform” solution w/ dynamic climbing challenges & barrier-free platform nets. 

PlayForm 7

Children are drawn to art & sculpture just like adults. Naturally, they want to interact with it, but sculpture isn’t usually designed to be played on.

NEOS 360

The NEOS and NEOS 360 (Accessible) combines the speed and action of video games with the explosive movement of aerobic exercise. 

Timber Stacks™:

Timber Stacks bring a natural feel to your play space! Made of Robinia pseudoacacia (black locust) logs, Timber Stacks are durable enough to stand up to the play of children for decades.

Our Town

Our Town was created with input from child development & inclusive play consultants to ensure that everyone is welcome. Although it was designed specifically for 2-5 year olds, there’s something for everybody!

Play Envy

We build inclusive spaces for fun and active living!