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For Ages 9 and Older

Fitness & Wellness

Outdoor Fitness Equipment Designed for Health

More than ever before, adults are realizing that the key to a longer, healthier lifestyle begins with fitness.
Playworld is proud to be a premier designer and manufacturer of outdoor fitness equipment and
fitness playgrounds for adults and children of all abilities. Explore our outdoor fitness solutions
and discover how you can promote community wellness, active lifestyles, health and fitness where you live.


 ENERGI fitness systems combine functional fitness and body-weight training to deliver a synergistic workout that connects the body’s major anatomical systems and exercises our most important muscles. 


Stretching is a great way to get some blood pumping, work major muscle groups and ease away stress. Our collection of outdoor stretching equipment is designed for anywhere use by anyone.


LifeTrail takes an integrated approach that keeps user’s feet in contact with the ground as they bear their own weight, making muscles work together just as they do in real life.

Playworld Outdoor
Fitness Equipment
for Adults & Children

Adults and older children might have left the playgrounds of years past behind, but with today’s
emphasis on staying physically fit, they are likely interested in fun outdoor exercise equipment.
Playworld’s playground fitness equipment for adolescents, adults and seniors is designed
by fitness experts to ensure safe, healthy, total body fitness for everyone.

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We build inclusive spaces for fun and physical activity!